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The Beerline swoop Comp

Comp Prizes:

First: Cash money from the registration fee. How much depends on numbers of registrants.
Second: Two jumps on your account from the DZ 🙂
Third: The Dollar Drunk Prize where a league rep gets drunk and buys something under $5 from the local Dollar General


*This part is going to evolve as this is the first season of the league.

Registration is $20 cash per competitor.
Use the contact page for submitting info for registration.
The League needs:

-Event date you are registering for
-Swoop class registering for i.e. Rookie or Experienced
-Total jumps
-Canopy info and number of jumps on that platform
-Preferred degree turn

general comp Information:

The Beerline Swoop Comp is a weekend competition comprised of three events to be completed over five declared jumps so a judge can be witness.
The events are:

  • 2x Distance Drag (230 Possible Points)
  • 2x Zone Accuracy (200 Possible Points)
  • 1x Timed Swoop N’ Chug (100 Possible Points by Ranking)

The three events

**You must be cleared for the pond to register**

Distance Drag Explained

The body of water is measured. The percentage of the body of water that is drug is the score 1for1. Start dragging dirt before water +5 to the score. Go dirt, water, dirt and the score is 115 for the round. Go in the drink or be a dink and MARK IT ZERO!!

Zone Accuracy Explained

This is basic zone acc. There are three zones. Front zone is worth 95, middle zone is 100, back zone is 85. Blow the box or miss the entry gate and MARK IT ZERO!!


Swoop N’ Chug Explained

This is an accuracy jump to be performed as the jumpers final jump of the day as it involves drinking. That doesn’t mean it has to be sunset load though. Multiple judges are required. This is a timed event where the clock starts when the jumper touches dirt. Closer you land to the beers, the better of a chance you have of putting down a fast time. Clock stops when the beer is chugged. Judges have discretion to issue time penalties for any unsportsmanlike behavior. Fastest time scores 100 and the rankings reduced by 5 points for 2nd and on..


In the unlikely event that there is a tie, we have a solution! Since drinking has likely already started we had to find a non-jumping solution so we proudly present Dizzy-bat Beer Chug Race. Each jumper lines up at one end of the pond with a wiffle-ball bat and a beer. At the starting sound the jumpers must first chug the beer, complete 15 spins around the bat, and then sprint to the other end of the pond. Winner takes all!
**Coin toss is to decide who has to take the inside lane closest to the pond